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Nigeria @59: Bukola Saraki’s Touching Message To Nigerians

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As Nigeria celebrates her 59th independence anniversary, Bukola Saraki has called on the people to work together to make the country better – According to the former Senate president, the time has come for Nigerians to forget mundane issues such as ethnicity and focus on issues that unite the country – Saraki said a modern Nigeria will emerge as the real giant of Africa if the economy improves Former Senate president, Bukola Saraki has congratulated Nigerians as they celebrate 59 years of independence from colonial rule. Saraki called on all Nigerians to join hands together and play positive roles to see that the country overcomes her challenges and realises her manifest destiny as a global leader. He said it is time for the people to do away with factors that keep the country down or slow down her progress.

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“The experts who at, independence in 1960, predicted that Nigeria would within its first two decades of independence become an economic giant did not make any mistakes because all the indices pointed in that direction for the nation.
“Over the years the dream has been derailed by the actions and inactions of both the elite and the ordinary people in the country,” he stated. According to him, as a people, we should have realised our mistakes by now and made amends as the present situation is far from what the country was destined for. The former Senate president said: “It is high time we all decided that we will forget mundane issues such as ethnicity and focus on issues that unite the country, become our brother’s keeper, be law abiding and protect public property more than we protect our own. “While it is important for those in government to initiate progressive, innovative and problem solving policies, programmes and projects, particularly those that will uplift the poor in the society and create a more egalitarian society, the Nigerian people should also be ready to give maximum, patriotic and solid support for the success of the initiatives, and to demand accountability, transparency and sincerity of purpose from government.”

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Saraki expressed optimism that if the economy improves, most of the ills plaguing Nigeria like insecurity, youth unemployment, collapse of infrastructure and moral decay will disappear and a modern Nigeria will emerge as the real giant of Africa. He once again congratulated Nigerians who have managed to remain united despite the many challenges facing the country.
“I also congratulate Nigerians on the successful enthronement of democracy as a model of government in Nigeria and the role our country has played in the defence of democratic ideals around Africa,” he added.

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