The Nigeria Civil War: The Forgotten Biafran Inventions….

The civil war in Nigeria (Biafra civil war) was no doubt, one of the most devastating and overwhelming period in the nation’s history .It is one which was characterized with bombardment, blood bath,destruction,aggression, just to mention a few .The memories of those dark days have remained indelible in the minds of the attestants. Aftermath of the struggle was more excrussiating and agonizing, due to the affliction that followed. No one who witnessed the war prays for a repeat.

Although,no one envisaged the war would have lasted that long, and this could be attributed to the fact that the Igbos were resilient and inventive,which turned out to be their greatest bastien.Their tenacity was second to none.


The Biafran tenacity is what has made them excel in almost every ramification of their life . Be it Business,Education , sports etc. Noteworthy was their success during the war . There was a blockade , they were denied access to the rest of the world,so it resulted to self help.They made their own guns,built their own armored vehicles,made landmines and even built weapons that killed in hundreds and lastly refined their own fuel with chemicals known to them. In this article,we will be looking at three inventions of biafra the Nigerian government should have adopted. Below are the inventions

1.Ogbunigwe(Ojukwu bucket)


The ogbunigwe denote series of weapons developed by the disciplined Research and production organization of Biafra (RAP) which is the weapon production group of their army. This unit of the Biafran Army were successful in the production of The ogbunigwe weapons of destructionwhich include flying ogbunigwe,coffin ogbunigwe,foot-cutter ogbunigwe,beer ogbunigwe e.t.c. Our focus is on the flying ogbunigwe which is known as rocket launcher. A rocket launcher according to wikipedia says a ‘’rocket launcher is a multipurpose device that launches an unguided,rocket propelled projectile’’.It is pertinent to note,that Nigeria, cannot boast of self produced rocket launcher before and after independence .The Rocket launcher of the Biafran army though not the best ,would have been a better foundation to adopt and continued with and developed to the best of the standard the country can offer .

2.Armoured vehicle:

In their bid to defend their territory ,the Biafran army almost built their own tank which is arguably the first in Africa. Unfortunately,the nigerian government did not adopt anyone of them.

3.Special chemicals;

According to renowned civil war hero,Chief Guy ikokwu,the biafran army refined their own fuel using some special formula best known to them.They produced fuel(pms),kerosene,diesel etc.The process was hitch free and less expensive too.Maybe the Nigerian government should have brought this inventors together and tap from their knowlegde,instead importing refined product even with abundance of crude within our shores.

Though,alot of us may not have witnessed the war, but the stories told to us by the attestants,were so vividly gory.The Nigerian government should be ready to negotiate with any warring zone before a small scuffle will metamorphose into a full blown war costing millions of lives like it did in 1967.

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