Nigeria Girl Becomes Internet Sensation After Posting These Pictures Online

Nigerian ladies are not only beautiful but they are also physically endowed both frontally and at the rear end with this lady buttressing the issue at hand

She posted her pictures online as she struck normal poses but something else has caught the attention of social media users.

The unusual size of her mammary glands have been described as an enigma which need to be unravelled with interested men searching profusely for her identity.

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This is the age of the slay queen, with her many outfits, many cars, unnecessary advice- most of them surrounding keeping and getting a man and how to acquire materialistic things.

As well as living her best life which includes staying in expensive hotels, going on holidays that include bikini wear and friendships that lack any depth. Many young girls are aspiring to be such queens.

To some of us, that best life really is comical. I don’t say this to sound haughty. When you’ve gone to sixth form with kids who had sports cars at the age of 16, who were lords, who lived in mansions and whose parents were oxbridge graduate or extremely wealthy.

Or you went around the country sleeping free in hotels, meeting legends, scholars, wealthy people, people of high profile etc. This best life that has some people recording everything on a camera is chicken feed. Nevertheless, when you look through life through shallow glances, a best life is probably that.

Oh a queen does slay, with her intelligence, integrity, her willingness to go down to everyone’s level, her humility, contentment, strength of character, knowledge, eloquence and the ability to be fair and not look to others for approval. A queen stands tall above others and is not a social junkie, a follower or a sheep. She’s in a class of her own.

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