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Nigeria: God does not belong to any political party – Sultan of Sokoto

Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar, condemns pastors and Imams that Causes violence and politicize religion in Nigeria.

“Don’t politicize religion. God does not belong to any political party.

The Bible doesn’t belong to any political party, so with the Quran.

If you are a good pastor or Imam, teach people how to salvage their lives.

“This life is a temporary one , the permanent life is eternal.

Imams and pastors move in convoys with guns, big vehicles saying they are the founders of this church and Islamic movement: all in the bid to make worldly things for themselves while their followers are there shouting Halleluya and Allahu Akbar.

They are getting richer and the common man is getting poorer” He said.

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