Nigeria is Always Moving Backward – African China

Nigeria Musician, African China speaks On The Present Situation Of Nigeria.

“Back Then When I Sang The Songs Like, ‘LETTER TO MR PRESIDENT’, Nigeria Was In A Big Mess And The Government As Of Then Was Not Leading Us Well And Also Things Were So Bad. But We Thought Things Was Going To Get Better Because Nothing Was Working Back Then, But Sadly Nothing Has Changed In Nigeria Ever Since Then.

“Now, After So Many Years I Sang That Song Things In Nigeria Have Gone From Worse To Unworkable. Nigeria Is Always Moving Backwards While The Rest Of World Continues To Move Forward. Our Leaders Are Still Corrupt And Heartless. In Nigeria We Now have Boko-Haram And Fulani Herdsmen killings Innocent Nigerians.

“So Many Things Have Gone Wrong. And The Sad Part Is That, There’s Nothing To Write Home About The Future Of Nigeria. It’s Now Obvious Things Are Programmed To Get Only Worse In Nigeria. It’s Quite Very Unfortunate because things Can never Get Better In Nigeria

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