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Nigeria Lady who dumped boyfriend wants him back after he secured oil contract

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A Nigerian lady has narrated how a lady dumped her boyfriend who was a teacher, but now wants him back after he secured a contract job with an oil company.

In her post, she narrated how her sister’s friend dumped her boyfriend just because he was a teacher. The man then moved on with her sister, now the friend is trying everything possible to get the man back after he has secured a job with an oil company in Akwa ibom.

Read her full story below:


“I need serious opinions on this issue, as it has bothered me so much so I decided to bring it up here. It’s about my younger sister and her girlfriend.

About 2 years ago my younger sis girlfriend met a guy that indicated interest in her, according to my sis her friend wasn’t into this guy, in fact her friend was using him from the onset, my sis said that her friend told her that she doesn’t like the guy at all because the guy according to her was a teacher in one private school and he isn’t really what she wanted in a man.

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But this guy loved her and my sis recounted one time the guy paid her tuition fees and gave her money for her project work. The guy was always there for her but her sis friend never liked him sometimes my younger sister will tell me that she should go for him she thought she was joking but little did she know that her girlfriend was serious.

When it was obvious she couldn’t play the guy anymore, she had to confront the guy and told him face to face that they can’t continue together, that she can’t put up with him anymore and that he can have my younger sister as a friend since my sister is her roommate.

The guy was shattered and devastated, and it equally shattered my sister as well because my sister knew how much sacrifice the guy has made for her girlfriend. So the guy would meet my sister and start begging her to talk to her friend, and each time my sister tries to talk to her girlfriend to reconsider, she would turn it down.

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So the guy gave up his efforts but maintained communications with my sister. As time went by my sister and this guy became close, and they were good friends, so early February this year they guy got a contract job with Exxon mobile for 5 years at Akwa ibom, and he is now asking for my sister’s hand in marriage. He’s so serious that he has brought wine to my Father with his family members.

My sister told him let her put it in prayers. Because she’s currently doing her NYSC.
Upon hearing the news of my sister and this guy, her silly girlfriend that rejected him because he was low, is now beefing my sister and telling the whole world that my sister snatched her boyfriend away from her. it was so bad that she even tried to re establish communication with this guy again.

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My sister told me that her girlfriend sent a message to this guy and told him that my sister once had an abortion when she was in her 3rd year, and some stupid lies. But she said that the guy knew that her girlfriend was lying and decided to block her. This got my sister infuriated and me also but the guy begged us to let her go That she’s just desperate.

But I’m really really really angry now because she has been spreading malicious lies about my younger sister. And my sister is planning her traditional wedding with this guy by January So please I need suggestions on how to deal with this issue because I don’t see my sister at fault here, and I only see a wicked and desperate friend trying to cause wreck in someone’s happiness”.

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