Nigerian Actress, Chioma Ifemeludike Opens Up On How Life Has Been After Her Confession


Nigerian actress, Chioma Ifemeludike has opened up on how life has been after she made a confession in an interview with Saturday Sun.

A few months ago, she made a confession alleging that she had a relationship with fiery Nigerian cleric, Johnson Suleman.



In the interview, she said the confession affected her mental health. The 29 years old actress revealed the reason why she cut her hair. She also stated that she does not regret making the confession.


In her words, she said:

” Life has been great. Even though, in the first few days after the confession that went viral, the backlash kind of affected my mental health. But because I’ m this kind of person who looks on to God and not man, I’ ve always been very attached to God, so it wasn’ t difficult for me to find my feet spiritually, mentally and physically. Yes, things were tough for some days but over time, I had to deal with the situation in my head. And as the days went by, I was motivated and became stronger. ”


” I cut my hair because I’ ve always wanted to do so. It’ s not because of anything but I’ d always planned to do it, I kept procrastinating; I just knew because it was a fashion thing and also because my hair needed to grow again. There were a lot of dead ends and corners so I needed to start again. Maybe the whole incident gave me more time and more reason to get it done. It’ s nothing serious; it’ s not really attached to the confession I made. ”


” I have no iota of regret, not even one. In fact, I feel so great. A lot of great things have been happening to me from the day I made that confession. It’ s been a life- changing experience. So, why should I regret it? I did it because of my God and service to humanity. It cost me a lot, but it’ s always at a cost that something new and good would happen. It’ s always at a cost, a very sacrificial cost. So, yes, I did it, and I’ m proud of it. I own it and I don’ t regret it. ”

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