“Nigerian Army Have Declared War Against Our People”- Simon Ekpa


Over some months, the people of South East has been facing some security challenges which is caused by uknown gunmen who have always engaged in killing some security personnel.

This issue has become a controversial issue going on as many people are now living with fear in various parts of Igbo land.

Meanwhile, it was gathered that the unknown gunmen killed a soldier in Awomama in Imo state.

This issue led the soldiers to burn different houses of people in that areas and this has triggered allot of response from different people all over the world.

In another development, the Biafra Finland activist, Simo Ekpa have said that the Nigerian Army have declared war on the people of Biafra.

This was contained in a press statement issued by Simon Ekpa on his official and verified Facebook account.

This statement as a response to the Nigerian Army who burnt several houses in Awomama in Imo state over the alleged Killing of one the soldiers by the unknown gunmen.

While delivering his speech, he said that the Nigerian Army have declared war against the people of Biafra.

Continuing with his speech, he said that what the Nigerian Army did in Awomama in Imo state is a declaration of war against Biafrans and maintained that Biafras should be vigilant. He said:

What happened in. Awomama was another confirmation that we are at war, as Nigeria army continue their carnage in our land and Hope Uzodinma, the elders and leaders of South East continue to pretend that all is well.

Going forward, our people must be very vigilant and observant and learn not trust any uniform man anywhere in Biafraland.

Intel must be passed to all locals for speedy evacuation our children and women against the military carnage and invasion of our communities.

Those with the responsibilities to safeguard our land must now step up their game and must understand that those Boko Haram army has become the worse enemy and nightmare to our

people and threat to our existence and must not be allowed to move freely and destroy our communities by burning down houses, killing and maiming as can the be seen in this video

therein. We therefore call on those with the responsibility to safeguard our land to get ready for resistance against these bloodsucking demons parading themselves as soldiers.

This was a press statement issued by Simon Ekpa in maintaining his stand that the Nigerian Army have declared a war against. Biafrans.

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Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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