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Nigerian Beauty Queen Dies After Butt Enlargement Surgery Went Wrong

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A Nigerian Beauty Queen has paid the price of having a butt enlargement with her live. The face of democracy transformation 2013, Onwuzuligbo Nneka Miriam, died on February 3rd after a 31 days coma from December 30th when the surgical operation proceeded.

According to reports, an American uncertified Surgeon, Dr. Anu proceeded on the fat transfer surgery at her Med Contour Cosmetic Surgery after having several cases and records of surgery failures and complications.

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The surgery allegedly went wrong, when fats that where meant to be transferred to get hips got into her lungs and caused her to drift into coma.


She was immediately rushed to Vedic hospital in Lekki, where she was placed on life support, before she was transferred to Lagos University Teaching Hospital where she died 32 days after she had been in coma.
The Surgeon is said to have gone into hiding.

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