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Nigerian Lady Vows To Divorce Husband If He Asks Her For A DNA Test

Things are really happening in this life.

I can’t help but think this year 2021 is going to be one interesting year.

I mean, that’s the least we can all expec right? Given the fact that the past year came with so many challenges.

With the rate most married women are cheating on their husbands, the need for a DNA test is now on the increase cause the men wants to be sure if the kids are theirs or they’re training someone else’s children.

A Nigerian lady, by name Ms Eniola Shitta has vowed to divorce her husband If he wakes up one day and asks for a DNA test.

According to her and I quote;

“God knows, if I ever use my body to carry your child and you ask for a DNA test, I will give you that test and afterwards, your divorce papers”.

She also thinks it is fair for the men to do a fertility test before demanding for a DNA test from their wives.

She also said “Y’all just be assuming your boys can swim”

This is just a subtle way of saying most of these men are infertile. So they should stop bringing up the issue of carrying out DNA test.

Are the men wrong in wanting to know if the kids are theirs?

The answer is a big no!


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