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Nigerian Man Finally Graduates After Spending 9 Years in the University (Photo)

A Nigerian man took to Twitter to announce that he has finally graduated from university after 9 years.

Nigerian Man Finally Graduates After Spending 9 Years In The University (Photo) Nigerians have congratulated a man who, after 9 years, has finally graduated from university. On Twitter, the user @yhem hi documented his university education in chronological order.

According to him, he spent a year in the Pre-degree programme, two years in the 100 level, two years in the 200 level, one year in the 300 level, one year in the 400 level, and two years in the 500 level, totaling nine years.

He wrote on Twitter,


100LEVEL – 2014 100LEVEL IN 2015, 200LEVEL IN 2016, 200LEVEL IN 2017, 200LEVEL IN 2018 2019 – 400LEVEL – 300LEVEL – 300LEVEL – 400LEVEL – 400LEVEL – 400LEVEL 2020 – 500LEVEL – 500LEVEL – 500LEVEL – 500LEVEL – 500LEVEL – 500LEVEL –

Oh my god!!! What an adventure! Today is the first day of my fyb week! It’s been a solid 9 years! No, I’m not going to say I’m a failure! oooooooooooooooooo I appreciate it! ”

Please see his post below.

While many Nigerians congratulated him, many others used the opportunity to criticise the country’s education system.

“Nigeria will not happen to you again in Jesus name,” wrote Twitter user @ Emmanuelayo_.

Another follower, @OlanariDonald, took to Twitter to share a similar storey, saying, “Gained admission in 2013.” Omo, it’s been eight years.” He sent out a tweet.


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