Nigerian Man Quits His Good Job, Moves To Canada With Wife And Kids Permanently, Says It Is Now Their Home

Screenshot 2021 09 20 at 04 22 16 Man dumps good job leaves Nigeria with his family for Canada permanently

A man has taken to social media to celebrate two years since he left Nigeria for Canada.

Tobi Odunowo shared on LinkedIn that he dumped his job of 5 years to make the permanent Canada relocation with wife and kids.

Tobi said that on arrival at Canada, he got a contract job but lost it after 3 months due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

He was out of job for 5 months after several unsuccessful work applications.

Tobi eventually landed a new role with Canadian Railway Corporation, a job he has now being doing for a year.

He reiterated that leaving Nigeria for Canada was worth it and described the foreign country as home.
Social media reacts

Olusesan Okikiolu wrote:

“Whaooo!, a “baptism of fire”?.

“What a hard truth my brother!

“You have said it all anyway, my prayer is that, may good Lord grant us the grace and wisdom to apply per time, so as for us to succeed in any foreign land we might find ourselves in Jesus mighty name. Amen!!!

“Thanks for your comment, and is highly encouraging. Wishing you more wins in your career and remain blessed in Jesus mighty name. Amen!!!”

Julian Evans commented:

”Tobi what a great story and beautiful picture. It seems a long time ago when we first met in Lancaster! Fond memories. I hope as part of your journey you have realised the error of your ways supporting Chelsea!”

Folasade Dosunmu remarked:

“Congratulations Tobi.

“I was in one of your classes last year on data analytics and you were so helpful and checked back on progress made . Thanks for sharing your story I wish you all the best in your new role.”

Bunmi Akano opined:

“Dear Tobi. Thanks for sharing your amazing story. I am always excited when I see leaders sharing their authentic vulnerable stories. God bless you ane yes I was in one of your data analytics session with the Covenant Nation and I was super blessed. All the best on your new role. ”

Nigerian man who travelled abroad with 16k says leaving the country changed his life

Meanwhile, previously reported that a Nigerian man who travelled abroad with just 16k has stated that leaving the country changed his life.

He left the shores of the country with just N16,000 after winning a scholarship from the Korean government.

Today, he is a PhD holder who is flying the flag of his country high in Canada and proving to the world that Nigerians will always succeed wherever they find themselves.

The man identified as Dr Igbalajobi who wrote O-level examinations ten times said he didn’t give up because he was determined to succeed.


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