This Nigerian Man Is Still In Jail In Trinidad After Stealing Over N50 Million From An Old Woman

There are Nigerians who are actually making a good name for themselves abroad. But on the other hand, there are Nigerians who are bringing shame to themselves and their country in another man’s land.

The search for a better life away from home always move many Nigerians to move to other countries. There, they hope to find employment and live a good life. However, when their desire is not fulfilled many resort to criminal ways of earning a living.

A Nigerian man is in jail after resorting to criminal ways to make money in Trinidad and Tobago. The man who is named Charles Obasanya a.k.a Oba is a 48-year-old.

He defrauded an 82-year-old woman of $128,500(more than N50 Million). He had called the woman and told her that he was her long lost grandson in the United Kingdom. The woman had thereafter, made several monetary payments to him.

He is currently serving his time in jail in Trinidad and Tobago charged with two counts of money laundering.


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