Nigerian Nollywood Actress, Christabel Egbenya Says That ‘Women Who Don’t Like Money Make The Best Wives’

There have been questions, many yet unanswered about what it takes for a woman to be a good housewife. Recently, Potpourri posted a poser on its WhatsApp Status about qualities to look out for when searching for a good wife and it turned out to be a debate of sorts.

One of the people that responded is Edo State-born Nollywood actress, Christabel Egbenya, and her argument hinged on the women’s love of money.

“I can say women who don’t like money too much make the best wives. When a woman is not obsessed with money simple things satisfy her. She doesn’t give the man headaches and most vain things of life don’t impress her. I’m not saying she mustn’t like money but not to obsession. Such women bring security and peace to their homes,” she argued.

Christabel, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Labell Beauty World situated in Enugu told Potpourri she has survived alone without any man in the picture.

She believes a woman should make her own money and not depend too much on the husband. Christabel hit the limelight after her exploits in “Room 202”, “Kingdom of Pleasure” and “King’s Throne”.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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