Nigerian Police Lied, My Brother’s Eyes, Body Parts Were Removed- Brother Of Slain OAU Student


Elder brother to the Obafemi Awolowo University student who was murdered last week in a hotel in Osun state has refuted claims by the Police that none of his brother’ s body parts were missing, Saharareporters reports.

Speaking to newsmen, Gbade Adegoke said the police official who made the statement on air has since apologised to the family as she wasn’ t present at the point where the body was exhumed.

In his words, ” The woman is suffering from mouth diarrhea. Was she at the spot where my brother was exhumed? He was butchered. His eyes were removed. His left hand side was cut suggesting his heart has been removed. His neck was cut which is suggesting that something has been removed from that part of his body. ”

He continued, ” All we want is justice. I know whoever killed my brother must be punished. It is wickedness to kill such an innocent man.

We are already at the hospital for autopsy and it will take about four hours. The result cannot come out today but I will update you after the autopsy. ”

Reacting to the incident on social media, Apata Sehinde wrote, ” Can i ask the family members these questions? 1. After exhumed the body, hope the pictures was taken? 2. I hope the family are trying to record some of conversations between them and the police and the criminals? Because tomorrow, Nigeria police can turn it against the family. ”

Another social media user, Chukwuemeke Isibor wrote, ” You see Nigeria. You see why people nowadays, embark on jungle justice. The system as presently constituted can not guarantee justice. ”

Abazie Wiseman wrote, ” These explains why the public are unable to trust the Nigerian Police- always trying to cover up. . . smh. I just pray that all those who played their part in the death of this young man, may justice one way or the other get to them including those trying to cover this heinous act. ”

Wiseman Wari wrote, ” Sometimes, jungle justice is just so good. I still remember the incident in Okoto hotel when we were just little kids. Archaic as it was, justice wad served. “


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