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Nigerian Prophet Reveal What Will Happen To Sunday Igboho And To Nigeria, Check Out What He Said.

A popular Yoruba Prophet by the name Olagunroye Fadehinmi, A General overseas of the Mountain and Blessing Miracle Church of Christ have disclosed a prophecy revealing the fate of Yoruba Activist Sunday Igboho and what will happen to Nigeria as a Nation.

According to the Vanguard News community, The Prophet who is also known as the World Seer has made some clarification bothering on whether Nigeria will be divided, this has been the struggle of many Nigerians and especially Notably Nigerian and Yoruba Activist Sunday Igboho.

He said “Sunday Igboho is a man with a great destiny, his destiny is like a palm tree leaf that just blossoms, snd like by people because of its freshness, but jettisoned when getting stronger. The one thing I will say about his agitation for freedom of the Yoruba Nation is that he will fail, the Yorubas will betray him.”

Those who Like Sunday Igboho, stood for the Yoruba in times past failed, Awolowo did the same for the Yoruba and the entire Nigerians, but what was the outcome of his service to humanity? The Yorubas betrayed him.”

He, therefore, warned Sunday Igboho to go and sit down because he foresees an unbreakable Nigeria that will never split, rather than splitting Sunday Igboho will be arrested and taken care of.

What do you think about the World Seers Prophecy, will it come to pass or this is just another story to gain popularity? Comment below.


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