Nigerian Soldiers Harassing, Extorting South- East Residents: Kingsley Moghalu


As reported by GazetteNgr, Kingsley Moghalu, a presidential candidate in 2019, has expressed concern over the illegal and unconstitutional operations of Nigerian troops in the country’ s southern region.

Awonmanma, Imo State, where soldiers of the @HQNigerianArmy wreaked havoc on civilian property following the assassination of a soldier by some persons, was a sad day for Nigerians. ”

According to Mr. Moghalu on Twitter, ” that soldier did not deserve to die, and his killing was equally terrible, but there is something called proportionality in responding to this sort of tragedy. ”

During his speech, Mr. Moghalu called attention to the tragedy in the Awonmanma Community in Imo, where troops went on a rampage after one of their own was slain.

However, while Mr Moghalu expressed his disapproval of the killing, he maintained that soldiers’ damage of civilian property was wholly uncalled for.

In his previous statement, the former central banker asked, ” Now that security threats appear to have diminished in the Southeast following the Anambra governorship election, what is the justification for the continued militarization of the region, with multiple checkpoints and soldiers reportedly collecting money from innocent transporters and commuters? ”

After the Anambra governorship election, which was determined to have been free of violence, he slammed the Nigerian Army for maintaining its militarisation of the region, a clear indication that possible security risks had been neutralised.

He also called attention to the notorious operations of troops who set up many checkpoints as a means of extorting money from public transportation and commuters, which have been well publicized.

The presidential candidate expressed concern that the ongoing militarization of the South- East was fostering ” a siege mentality that is detrimental to national cohesion. ”

‘ The unwarranted militarization of civilian spaces fosters a siege mentality, ‘ argues the author. As Mr Moghalu pointed out, ” this is detrimental to nation- building and national cohesiveness. “


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