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Nigerians are Problem all over the World – Kenyan man (Watch Video)

As posted by A Popular South African Twitter Handle, in the Video a Kenyan Man was asked why Should Africa be Home for all Africans and the Kenyan man replied ‘Nigerians are problem all over the world” gives his reasons.


If you go to Congo, they are not comfortable with Nigerians. If you go to Zimbabwe and Zambia, they are not comfortable with Nigerians. In fact, even a country that is close to Nigeria i.e Ghana, they have a problem with Nigerians.

There is a general trait that Nigerians have. There is unnecessary aggression other people don’t find comfortable”

why do you feels there’s an influx of Nigerians in more African countries ?

I think because of the terrorism effect that is going on in their country. I think because of the population and high rate of unemployment. So they are operating like Chinese. They are finding a way they can deposit their population. Unfortunately, they are depositing themselves with their Nigerian culture which will not fit in us.

“Even in Nairobi here, they are doing very crazy things with our ladies. Even this week on Sunday, the police arrested 3 people. Some of them were Nigerians with fake money.

“We are only asking Nigerians and other foreigners in our country that let them live within the norms and traditions of that host country



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