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Nigerians Blast Fulani Man Who Said The Country Can’t Boast Of Anything Apart From..

Nigerians Blast Fulani Man Who Said The Country Can’t Boast Of Anything Apart From Oil.

In what looked like an educative post, Adamu Garba expressed how he felt towards the present economy situation of Nigeria.

Adamu Garba said, Nigeria can’t boast of anything other than crude oil.

As a Fulani man, he pointed out that rearing of cows can boost the Nigerian economy beyond what most people expected, he also stressed that cryptocurrency can’t even be compared to the revenue herders would generate if people can stop fighting the herdsmen and also, the federal government provides all the requirement for commercial breeding.

He wrote on Twitter: “Countries are doing everything possible to move up the ladder of the global value chain, yet Nigeria is hell-bent on ethnic and global politics to the point where everything else is secondary. Today, apart from oil, Nigeria can not boast of any strategic global assets.”

He also went further to suggest that initiatives like cow trading which he tagged: ‘”Cowtocurrency” are very important because cows will no longer be seen as assets of insurrection but economic opportunities for those exploring the cattle value chain.

“We have to stop struggling to always jump beyond our shadows all in the name of futuristic.

“Let me tell you something, as a country, the future you did not create, you won’t have it,” he added.

Meanwhile, some Nigerians online who didn’t get the message that Adamu Garba was trying to pass, took to the comment section to blast him, while some hailed him.

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