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Nigerians Drag Man In The Mud For Saying This Lady’s Dressing Is Indecent (PHOTO WITHIN)


A man identified as Tokunbo Omolase on Facebook has been dragged in the mud by Facebook users after he posted a lady’s photo and called it indecent.

He uploaded the photo of the unsuspecting woman and called on the Lagos State Government to introduce a mode of dressing for women in the state.

He wrote: A special appeal to Governor Sanwo- Olu: Kindly introduce a mode of dressing for ladies in Lagos. How can a lady dress like this at 8:04 am, Tuesday, 12th October, 2021, and leave new Garage Bariga in public commercial bus for Lekki in Lagos. If parents and family members are not checking mode of dressing should government avoid their responsibility for a good society.”

Not sure what he was expecting, but rather than get support, he got comments asking why he’s obsessed with what a woman is wearing.

They also asked why he took a photo of a woman going about her business.

See His Post And Reactions Below


The lady has absolutely no faults.

Tokunbo brain.

I think there is something seriously wrong with you. Might be time to seek some therapy. You giving off some pervert vibes.

Her dressing is the reason spaghetti is over N300 and gas is tending towards 8k. The reason why kidnap is on the rise. The reason why govt is borrowing without paying.

Out of all the problems in this country, this is the only problem he sees.

He obviously don’t know he can get sued for taking her picture without permission and sharing it on social media

This man is a pervert. If I’m the lady, i’d sue for invasion of privacy. How can someone be on their own and you’re snapping them to post online for public ridicule. there should be a law against that please.

I like how everyone condemned him. Old fool

Sue this old man so that him and others can learn. Else this will not stop

I don’t understand? What is wrong with what she’s wearing?? Is she exposing anything? I have noticed that men who complain about women’s dressing are usually perverts! If I am this lady and I see this, I will sue him! What gave the senseless man the right to take people photo without permission and post online? Useless agbaya pervert

Everything is wrong with what she’s wearing, let us say the truth and condemn what is wrong

His lucky that woman is not my wife. I go Sue am till him pay the last Kobo. Usless man

This dressing is absolutely faultless

We are just few that are normal in this country, myself and one other person 🤣🤣🤣🤣. What is wrong with her dressing? Her body Her clothes

It is obvious you are lusting after her, for you to have time to snap.

Men that’ make such comments are usually s*xual predators and perverts trying to hide their real identity

The man is jobless and he doesn’t know how well to use his time

Is anything wrong with the dressing? Comment below.


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