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Nigerians React As President Buhari Now Looks Younger Than His VP, Yemi Osibanjo

Yesterday the President of Nigeria with his Vice President took the Covid-19 vaccine on national television and it got many people talking. Many Nigerians noticed many things and without fear made their thoughts known. According to many President Buhari is looking much younger than his Vice President Yemi Osibanjo, they also revealed that President Buhari’s Body Looks like that of a child and baby.

We know how Nigerians have lost their lives to the struggle with Coronavirus, the deadly disease that took away the lives of uncountable people both old, young, rich, poor, famous, and influential. It was a time of panic, sadness, and unbearable pain for Nigeria and several other countries.

Many health professionals launched into research to know if the was a vaccine or cure to the virus, it was reported that the virus affects the nostrils and breathing system, once it blocks his respiratory system it gets you symptoms like severe headache, cough, and others.

Nigerians fought so hard during that period when it was much and dominating and now they have gotten a vaccine for it that can from China.

Why the president Mahammadu Buhari and his Vice President, Yemi Osibanjo were taking it on the television, Nigerians noticed that the body of our President is younger and fresher than that of the vice president, many even said his body looks like that of a baby.

This got many people talking about how the President despite his age still looks very young with a fresh body than the vice President, this has been a debate and gossip in the mouth of many Nigerians.

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