Nigeria’s Northwest Region Experience Attack Of Gunmen As Many Lives Were Lost


According to the governor of Sokoto state, gunmen have killed at least 15 people in Nigeria’ s northwest, the latest episode in a spiral of violence in Africa’ s most populous country.

Gunmen assaulted Sokoto state communities and raided homes from Sunday night to Monday morning, according to Governor Aminu Tambuwal. This comes just the day after over 30 people were shot dead in isolated communities across Nigeria’ s volatile north.

He said at least 13 people were killed in Illela, a hamlet on the border with neighboring Niger and approximately 97 kilometers (60 miles) east of the state capital, while two more were slain in Goronyo, about 76 kilometers (47 miles) east of the state capital.

Hundreds of people have been slain this year in Nigeria’ s northwest and central regions as a result of violent attacks.

The majority of the villages affected are in isolated locations with inadequate security and connectivity, such as Goronyo, where more than 40 people were killed a month ago when gunmen opened fire on a crowded marketplace.

According to officials and security analysts, the gunmen are largely full grown young men from the Fulani ethnic group, who have traditionally worked as nomadic cattle herders and are embroiled in a decades- long battle with Hausa farming communities over access to water and grazing space.

The attacks have taken on ethnic and religious overtones, with conflicts between herdsmen and local groups frequently recorded in volatile states. The assailants, known in Nigeria as bandits, are ” graduating into terrorists, ” according to Governor Tambuwal.

In addition to the Islamic extremist insurgency in the northeast, which has lasted for more than a decade, there is a rampant banditry in the northwest. According to security analysts and residents, some of the robbers, who often operate in groups of over 100, are now forming up with the radical and unwanted rebels.


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