NIGHTMARE! ! ! See What ISWAP Plans To Do To Nigerian Army After Saturday’s Attack


These are not happy days for the Nigerian military as it still mourns the loss of a high ranking officer Brig Gen Dzarma Zirkusu, who alongside some other soldiers were killed in a gun battle with the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) on Saturday. Zirkusu, who until his death, was the commander of the 28 Task Force in Chibok, was among the gallant troops engaged by ISWAP fighters on Saturday in a gun battle, at a military base in Askira, Askira Uba Local Government Area of Borno State.

While the Director, Army Public Relations, Onyema Nwachukwu in a statement said a Brigadier General and three other soldiers were killed, ISWAP however in a statement released on Sunday night had claimed 17 soldiers were killed.

In a news that adds insult to the injury, Sahara Reporters reports that the Nigerian Army has said militants from the Islamic State- backed faction of Boko Haram, the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) are planning to kill more military commanding officers following the death of Brig Gen Dzarma Zirkusu.

According to the report, Sahara reporters obtained a military signal on Monday, where the army authorities is claiming that the terrorists group plans to target more senior officers and commanders, adding that ” It is only significant that troops be always encouraged to show professionalism in the face of existing threats to fight without recourse the enemy of the State” .

Excerpts of the signal reads: ” At about 130915A Nov 21, following attack on troops of115 Task Force Battalion Askira Uba by ISWAP terrorists, troops of 25 Brigade led by Brigade Commander, Brig Gen MF Babayo (N/10211) in conjunction with troops of 28TF Brigade carried out reinforcement to Askira. While on pursuit of the terrorist, troops made contact with the terrorist at Leho Village (N10°42′ 10. 22″ E12°50′ 47. 76″ ) in Askira LGA.

” During the contact, own MRAP conveying the Brigade Commander deliberately rammed ISWAPs MRAP which led to destruction of ISWAPs MRAP while own MRAP engulfed in fire. However, the Brigade Commander and the MRAP crew were able to get out of the MRAP but the commander had serious chest injury due to the head on collision. Casualties on troops are one soldier and one CJTF WIA while equipment casualties are one x Phantom MRAP, 3 x AA Guns (2 DAMAGED), one x AK47 rifle, 2 x AK 47 Magazine and 60 x 7. 62mm (SPECIAL) rounds. Enemy casualties are over 50 terrorists elements (including their commander) were killed. Enemies one x MRAP and 5 x GTs destroyed while tps recovered 3 x GTs, 2 x AA guns, 5 x AK47 rifles, one x HK MG and one x HK MG links were recovered. ”

” Unfortunately, the 25TF Brigade Commander lost his life in the process. It is quite heroic but not to good that commanders are found in the fore front to lead battles. If the command should fall, then troops have not direction or fighting spirit. It is one of the rules of warfare that the battle could have been lost if a commander is killed; hence soldiers could retreat.

” It should be note that ISWAP intends to follow this suit by targeting commanders. Commanders are now eager to motivate and inspire soldiers where moral is low. It is only significant that troops be always encouraged to show professionalism in the face of existing threats to fight without recourse the enemy of the State. Such motivational aspects of military trade craft should be encouraged as well as discipline while the Commanders highly directs and request appropriate from ASA need items and CAS to support the battle. Kindly forwarded for your information, ” it reads further.


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