“Nimekwama Ndani Yako! What Is Going On?”: This Is How I Taught My Husband A Lesson For Cheating On Me

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It was two weeks ago when my childhood friend, Lucy called me up and told me she was going
through a major depression and needed some company in order to forget some of the situations
she was going through.

Being the good friend I was, I asked her to come over to my house for a few days so that I could
keep her company and also be able to help her in any way I could. We had an extra bedroom in
our house and I thought it was nice she came over for a few days and moreover, my husband did
not have a problem with that.

She came that evening and I even went to sleep with her on her bed and left my husband alone
on our bed. I wanted her be free with me and tell me the struggles she was going through. That
first night was good. She opened up and said she had been heartbroken by her ex and moving on
was the problem. I asked her to stay for a few days in my house before going back to her place.
Deep in my heart, I just wanted to help her overcome the stress she was going through because I
really loved her from our childhood days.

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Two days later, after work, I came home and found that my husband was already home too and
was in the living room together with Lucy and they were both watching a movie. I made supper
and immediately after, I was feeling tired and I decided to go and sleep.

I told both of them good night and went to sleep. My husband told me he would join me shortly
after the film was over. As soon as I laid in bed, I fell completely asleep and it was not until
1.30am that I woke up and found myself in bed alone.

I wondered where my husband was at that time. I jumped out of bed to go look for him and while
walking on the hallway to the living room, I heard some muffled moans from my friend’s
bedroom and guess what, she was having sex with my husband just under my nose.

Some human beings are just inconsiderate. I took Lucy in my house with the goal of helping her
overcome her depression and the thank you I got was sleeping with my husband in my house.
My first instinct was to walk in that room and kill them both but then, I remembered about a
workmate who had told me about Doctor Mugwenu.

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She had told me she caught her husband cheating on her and she used Doctor Mugwenu’s spells
to teach him a lesson. I called her in the middle of the night and asked her for Doctor Mugwenu’s
number which she gladly sent to me.

All this time, my husband and childhood friend were busy munching each other thinking I was
dead asleep. I tiptoed to my bedroom and called Doctor Mugwenu and narrated to him what was
going on. I asked him to quickly perform a spell that would glue both my husband and friend
together so as to teach them a lesson.
He quickly did so and within some few minutes I heard them screaming that they were stuck.
Nimekwama ndani yako. What is going on?” I heard my husband ask in utter desperation.

I know gained the courage to walk on them and the moment they saw me enter the room they
were so shocked such that they wanted to die.
It was an ugly scene though. They were naked and stuck at their genitals. My husband started
saying he was sorry and said that Lucy had seduced him. They were later unstuck by Doctor
Mugwenu and I gave Lucy a thorough beating. I then chased her out of my house for taking
advantage of my help for her.

After some days, I forgave my husband since I still loved him and we are now a happy couple.
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