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How To Do Your NIN Pre-Enrollment Yourself, And How To Print Out Your Original NIN ID Card Yourself

With the announcement made by the Nigeria Communication Commission (NCC) led by President Muhammed Buhari have mandated all telecommunications operators to terminate any sim card that is not registered with National identify number last year December has proved that NIN is a very important ID card that one who claims to be a citizen of Nigerian ought to have, because in the nearest future, nobody know what might happen, and nobody knows if NIN ID card might deprive him /her from getting a good contract, job, fortune he or she rightly deserves.

Getting your NIN is very important, because it identifies you as a Nigerian.

So of you’ve not registered your NIN, please try and register, because nobody knows what the future holds, Today our mobile phone numbers were threatened, nobody know what will be threatened tomorrow.
The first step before you proceed to register to get your NIN is to check if you already have one,

To know this, with the phone used to register for the NIN, Dial *346# on your phone to retrieve your NIN. *346# is totally FREE OF CHARGE on all the Nigerian Mobile Networks including MTN, AIRTEL, GLO and 9mobile.

Once your NIN is displayed, you can either write it out in a safe place.
Yout NIN is your personal property, you’re not to share your NIN information on any social media platform.

You can however share it when requested by trusted institutions.
If you don’t have a NIN, do you know that you can also do your pre enrollment yourself, anywhere, before the registration is completed, here is how to do it:

NIN pre-enrollmet is quite simple and straightforward as it can be called the “do it yourself whenever and wherever you are” process of enrollment.

The pre-enrollment is the first stage of the registration process, it can be done anywhere, it allows you to fill you data / information in block letters, and it also allows you to print out the 2D Barcode, for your enrollment process to be completed, here is how to do it:

1) For this option of the enrollment process, the applicant is to visit the official website of NIMC ( and pre-enroll online using the Pre-enrolment Portal (, filling in his/her data in block letters.

2) The applicant is also expected to print out a summary sheet that has a 2D Barcode.

3) You take the summary sheet which has a 2D Barcode to any of the NIMC enrollment center for the registration process to be completed.

Once your registration is completed, and if you already have your NIN, you can download the application on google play store, input your NIN and phone number, and login,
An OTP will be sent to your mobile number once input your NIN, enter your User ID and OTP that would be sent to you after sending the code. Shortly, the menu page will display, click on “Show my ID” and your national ID will surface for you to download and print out.

The NIMC app is user friendly and very easy to use and understand.

When you login, go straight to NIN Number, click on it, then tap on View / ID card, once it opens, you can either save or print your national ID card.
List of things you can do with the NIMC mobile app:
The newly launched mobile app will make it very easy for citizens to access their original National ID card and print it out on paper or plastic through their mobile phones.

You can prove your identity through your mobile phone anytime anyway & anywhere you’re in need of it.
It helps to check and verify citizens who have gotten their NIN. Etc.

The National Identity Card is the new biodata based card used to identify a citizen of Nigeria. There are various ways of becoming a citizen of the country. You can become a citizen through naturalization, marriage, parents or the military.

This Identity card can only be issued to citizens who have attained the age of sixteen and above. The citizen will first have to be registered into the National Identity System (NIS).


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