Nini Is Angry Because Saga Ate Two Wraps Of Moi- Moi And Pap When He’s Supposed To Be Missing Her

Screenshot 2021 09 23 at 04 10 22 Nini Is Angry Because Saga Ate Two Wraps Of Moi Moi And Pap When Hes Supposed To Be Mis...

The popular Nigerian reality TV show known as the big brother Naija shine ya eye season six house mate, Nini returned to the general big brother house this morning.

All the house mates were very shocked to see her, and cross’s reactions showed how much he had missed her.

Remember that Nini was given a secret prank task by big brother, she was instructed to exit the big brother Naija house without being noticed by her fellow house mates.

Note that Nini was also watching her fellow house mates from the separate room, while she was watching, she saw her love interest, Saga eating two wraps of moi-moi and pap.

When she returned to the general house, she said that she’s angry because saga was eating two wraps of moi-moi and pap when he was supposed to be missing her.

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Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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