“There Is No Beauty In Exposing Your Body”- Toyo Baby

Juliana Olayode is a popular Nigerian actress known by a lot of Nigerians as Toyo baby due to her role in Jennifer’s diary. Juliana Olayode is one of the few actresses that has still remained very modest inspite of the fame.

She recently shared a post talking about modesty on her Instagram page. According to her, ‘One word for the queen. There is so much beauty in modesty. Dressing Modestly isn’t outdated, it doesn’t stop you from being fashionable, I think modesty and fashion can go hand in hand. You do not have to reveal anything to be beautiful. I think the less you reveal, the more fashionable you are’.


I could not agree more with this right up and it is really refreshing to see that there are still female Celebrities that think this way. These days, showing off your body is what is in trend, a lot of women do it to attract attention and they call it body positivity.

A lot of women even walk around almost naked in the name of fashion but when you look at it, those who are the most modest are usually the ones that are more beautiful. There is no beauty in exposing your body truly.

Check out some reactions by her fans.


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