"You Have No Child Yet If You Have No Female Child" - Reno Speaks On Gender Preference - Mc Ebisco "You Have No Child Yet If You Have No Female Child" - Reno Speaks On Gender Preference - Mc Ebisco

“You Have No Child Yet If You Have No Female Child” – Reno Speaks On Gender Preference

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has given his personal opinion on gender preferences and why he thinks female children are preferable to males.

In a video he made following a request from one of his followers who asked to know his thoughts on gender preference, Reno revealed that having a female child is a privilege.

Buttressing his point, Reno was of the opinion that the common saying which says that; “behind every successful man, there is a woman” is truer than people understand it.

His reasons being that women have a strong influence over anything that comes across them including men and this influence is what keeps them incharge of their situations.

Although he mentioned that this influence may be positive or negative, but in whichever way, a woman is capable of influencing a man so powerfully till he realizes his greatest potentials.

Also discussing ageing, Reno convincingly agreed that women are the ones who take care of their families especially their parents. He maintained that it is women who take care of their ageing parents and also go the extra mile of uniting their siblings and relatives.

These opinions he gave are not meant to belittle any gender but to prove to those who are having problems with their wives because of a male child that the females they got are even more likely to be valuable to them.

Remember that the issues of gender preferences is a lingering culture all over the world. Although it is more observed in Africa where in many occasions, women are deprived certain rights in their families and the society at large because their shares are believed to be with their husbands.

This is Reno’s advise to men who are quarrelling their wives for being unable to have a male child. What is your own advice?


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