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No going Back on Omosede Igbinedion as Community Leaders ,Women ,Youths reaffirm their support for Federal Lawmaker


The OGI movement is indeed one graciously endorsed by Divine mandate. No wonder, when the opine for an Ovian representative kick started, the Kingmakers, Elders, Women, Youth keyed into the choice of Hon. Omosede Gabriella Igbinedion for continuity.
Patriotic Ovian Elders, Fathers, Youth, Women and Stakeholders were all reached out to, and each of them willingly, Joyfully, Encouragingly and Proudly accepted the Communique of endorsement made by Concerned Ovians. This no doubt should explain to us that, there is no controversy in the choice of Hon. Omosede Gabriella Igbinedion.
It is the traditional knowledge of Ovia people that, when well respected leaders and fathers from the land give you their word, they don’t go back. They stand on it till the very end, it doesn’t matter how uncomfortable it might be, believing that the decision they have taken is simply in the best interest of the people and definitely not for themselves.
We are united in One Assurance with Hon. Omosede Gabriella Igbinedion, thus sounded loudly by the Elders. From the very beginning the Elders have accepted, the fathers accepted, the stakeholders accepted and the concerned youths that are actually the true lovers of Ovia Federal Constituency, have long resolved that, OGI is the worthy Captain that can “Pursue, Leapfrog, sustain and surpass the developmental strides in Ovia Federal Constituency.
And so, the recent endorsement by the Community Leaders, Opinion Leaders and Concerned Ovians is an affirmation to the truism that, the OGI’s choice is indeed a Divine mandate. And that is why no amount of distractions can distract the onward movement of this mission, none at all.
Having being accepted by her people, especially her Fathers, the concerned youths and the Constituency at large, Hon. Omosede Gabriella Igbinedion is in One Assurance with them to continue the legendary strides.
credit Jasper Anietimfon Louis

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