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No Matter How Poor You Are, Occasionally Do This To Your Children So They Don’t Only Know Poverty

Make sure to do this to the children even if you do not have money

Reno Omokri is at it again with one of his nuggets that gets both Nigerians and other parts of the world reacting. He has been teaching on religious, wealth, moral and many other topics through his popular nuggets and many have been testifying to having a great life following his teachings.

A poor man may be afraid of taking his kids to places where the children of very rich people go, this is not just because he does not want to spend as much as they spend, but because they may be afraid their children would disgrace them by not knowing how to act in such places.

In a case like that, the parent is to be blamed because they have failed to teach the child and show the child what it is like to live in the shoes of those prominent people even for once taking them to such places. The parent has failed to inculcate a form of knowledge into the child.

For a child that visits where rich kids visits every once in a while, he or she would rarely disgrace the parent by either not knowing how to act, acting awkward or something else. A child would easily blend with rich people even if he or she is not rich, unlike adults and when your kids do this often, they will never be intimidated.

Adults may easily understand someone who has more then them, but for children, so long they are in the same room, same playground or same school, they may never even think about that. It is therefore easier for children to blend with others who are obviously richer than they are then for adults.

A parent who does not expose the child to riches, wealth and other fancy places and stuffs is indirectly teaching that child to be poor. It is unwise to this k your child would learn to be rich all of a sudden, teach them the way from childhood.

Take your children to parks, not just local parks but parks where they pay good money. Make then feel special, make them feel rich and the wealth would easily and naturally fit them. Reno shock a major table that has got many people talking, here is what he said;

“I said this before, and I repeat it: Even if you are poor, occasionally take your kids to highbrow neighborhoods. Dont let poverty be all they see in life. And most importantly, don’t deepen your poverty by having many kids while you are still poor.”

Do not let your children mix with only poor people because you do not have money, allow them mix with rich people, create connections between them and the rich by taking them to highbrow neighborhoods, spend good money to make sure of that once a while.

In my opinion, this life is all about connection, and when you have a friend who’s dad has good connections, you automatically have a great connection which is why I so love this write up by Reno Omokri.

Mixing with only people of your class would only make you remain stagnant, you do not grow, you do not live and all you do is blame your ancestors. Make moves even as a grown up to befriend rich people, people with connections and not only people within your class.

Share this to family, friends and relatives because it is the way to make great connections in life. By meeting people, new people, high class people and people with connections.

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