“No Money to Sponsor Your Education?” Checkout These 30+ Scholarship Opportunities

It is the dream of any vibrant and academically inclined graduate to proceed with further studies to acquire a Maters degree, Doctorate degree or even another first degree in a different discipline.

However financial setback has been a major hurdle which threatens to dampen this burning desire and study dreams in the minds of intelligent students who are from poor financial background.

In this article, I bring you good news. There are so many opportunities out there you probably never knew could assist you to study overseas which will expose you to a totally new world class learning environment. They may be competitive but achievable if you are eligible for it.

We shall be looking at 35 of such scholarships and I would advise you to go through them and pick up the ones you find interest in and make more research on google about how to apply.

1) Commonwealth Masters Scholarship

2)Commonwealth Shared Scholarship

3)Erasmus Mundus Scholarship

4) DAAD Germany

5) Chevening Scholarship

6)PTDF Scholarship

7) Learn Africa for women

8) Ofid scholarship

9) Fullbright scholarship

10) New Zealand Development Scholarship

11) Poland Government Scholarship

12) MEXT Scholarship Japan

13) Chinese Government Scholarship

14) Orange Knowledge Programme scholarship

15) Australia award scholarship

16) MasterCard Foundation Scholarship

17) Gates Trust Scholarship

18) Gates Cambridge

19) Swedish Institute Scholarship

20) Queens Commonwealth Scholarship

21) Joint Japan/ world Bank Graduate Scholarship

22) Brunei Darussalam Scholarship

23) Allan and Nesta Ferguson

24)Exxon Mobil- Oxford Scholarship

25) Vanier Canada

26) Turkiye Bursali

27) KNB Indonesia

28) KGSP Korea

29) IDB Scholarships

30) Mastermind of Belgium

31) SIIT Thailand Graduate scholarships

32) Taiwan Government scholarships for international students

33) Hong Kong PhD Fellowship scheme

34) Rowan Williams Cambridge scholarship

35) Eric Bleumink scholarships, Netherlands

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