NO PEACE FOR TB JOSHUA: Relatives Of This Family Are After TB Joshua, Their Reasons Will Shock You - Mc Ebisco NO PEACE FOR TB JOSHUA: Relatives Of This Family Are After TB Joshua, Their Reasons Will Shock You - Mc Ebisco
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NO PEACE FOR TB JOSHUA: Relatives Of This Family Are After TB Joshua, Their Reasons Will Shock You


Since the death of Prophet TB Joshua, there have been several accusations being laid against him. I am still wondering why these things did not show up when he was alive. So why must it be when he is dead and will not be able to defend himself? The dead does not speak, and that is a fact.

What exactly is the allegation taken against the late man of God, TB Joshua in today’s story? Let’s dig into it;


Two children from South Africa are suing the church of renowned evangelist TB Joshua after the collapse of one of its buildings in Nigeria, which led to the killing of their father.

Kalambaie was one of 116 people, which included many South Africans, who lost their lives.

In 2015, a forensic investigator in a Lagos court said ” the church was guilty of a negligent crime”.

Mr. Joshua and his congregation have always denied that something was wrong.


So far the pastor has not been charged, but the engineers in charge of the building are facing criminal charges

Two children of the late managed in three and six are in demand of a huge amount of $ 520, 000 (£ 370, 000) in damages, Lagos court papers quoted in Nigerian newspapers said.

This should compensate for the money that their father was expected to give them until he was 70 years old

Their lawyer Bolaji Ayorinde told the BBC he had received numerous requests from relatives of people who died in a building collapse about whether action could be taken against them.


Mr. Joshua, known by his followers as the ” prophet”, is one of Nigeria’s best-known missionaries and is well-known throughout Africa.

He blamed the 2014 incident on a small plane that he said surrounded the building, which was a multi- story guest house at the Lagos compound which belongs to Synagogue, the Church Of All Nations.

The question is why must it be now that the pastor is no more? Why could they not make these requirements when he was still up and kicking? Well, I literally do not have much to say about this.


This is all about life. There are some people out that who are just waiting for you to die so they can take an advantage of your death. Many of these people don’t usually link up with you, you will not see them around you, but in the darkest night, their eyes are always on you.

Why must it be this way? Why should mankind be so cruel? We do not value humanity anymore. They will never be there for you while you were suffering, struggling to make it in life, but once your struggles end up being fruitful, bam, you will see them all surrounding you and jubilating with you.

Know who your true friend is my brothers and sisters. But always remember that ” what goes around, comes around. ” A pleasant day going out to y’ all!



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