“Nobody Came For Our Wedding”- Lessons as Lady Who Got Pregnant For Her Twin Brother Shares Story

After I listened and read the love story of this twin, I came to realize that those who named the phrase love is blind was not stupid at all. The best caption for this story is “Love is blind” and I think this should be a lesson to others. Although many people might kick against this marriage because of their relationship, but we all have our own opinion to make. They made a choice of which many sees wrong (including myself) but I still learned a lot of form them.

A video have really caused a lot of reactions online and looking at the reactions, many are in opposition to this decision made by this live birds. In this video, a lady got pregnant and also married her twin brother despite how everyone reacted to this. Many of their friends disowned them and the most surprising part is that their parents also disowned them, but they stood their ground. Below is are screenshots showing the full story:.


See were she revealed that no one came for their wedding:

Below are some Lessons as Lady Who got Pregnant for Her Twin Brother Shares Story:

Love is blind: I am still wondering how this twins got attracted to each other till this extent but this is a real proof that love is blind. Love is not only blind but deaf because if love could hear, this twins won’t have taken such a dangerous decision. Now their child is all grown, and I wonder how their child will feel after hearing that her mother and father are twins. Many see this as a taboo and many feel that they will regret in no long time. 

The World is changing: I can’t really say if the world is changing for the better or worst, but I know that this was not how the world used to be. Strange things are now the order of the day and unbelievable things are now happening. I will say that this is my first time hearing such news and I pray that something like this won’t happen again. Through people’s reactions it shows that this is not acceptable at all, but they have made their choice.

What do you think about this as a reader?

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