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“Nobody Can Prevent Me From Entering Any Yoruba State, We Are Going To Lagos” – Sunday Igboho

Sunday Adeyemo Igboho, popularly known as ‘Sunday Igboho or Osha’ has vowed that nothing can stop him from visiting any of the Yoruba states.

In the video shared online by BBC, the activist said that nothing can prevent him from entering any Yoruba State.


“There is nothing that can prevent us from entering any of the Yoruba states, because they belong to our fathers.

“We are going to Lagos and nothing can prevent that because it is one of the land that belongs to the Yoruba’s. If the king welcome us, it is good and if he didn’t, we are less concern.

“I wondered why the traditional rulers are afraid, who can dethrone you without meeting his Waterloo”, he said.


Watch the full video below

This statement was coming after the King in Ekiti failed to welcome him during the last rally held in the state. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

There have been some hearsay, that Sunday Igboho must not visit Lagos for any form of agitation, but the fearless man in the video made it known that nobody or anything can prevent him from entering any Yoruba State and that he certainly visit Lagos for the campaign.

Sunday Igboho has been moving around the South West states, sensitizing people on the need for creation of a separate country.

This agitation has generated several forms of arguments as some people keyed into the idea while others don’t see it good intentions.

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