“Nobody Will Make My Child Feel Less”, – Mercy Johnson Blows Hot, Calls Out Teacher Bullying Her Daughter


Sometimes, being a Celebrity can be quite hard because, people who dislike you will eventually pass it unto your kids. This is evident from the story of Mercy Johnson’ s daughter, Purity and one of her school teachers. Read on!

Mercy Johnson, a Nollywood taleted actress, has gotten her co celebrities, fans, followers and admirers talking on social media after making a post about her first kid Purity, just few hours ago. She expressed her displeasure over the inhuman treatment melted on her daughter.


She stated on her Instagram page that since her daughter, Purity reaumed in her new school, a teacher from her school, who is not even her class teacher, has been intimidating her child at every gotten opportunity. Sequel to this, Purity who has a strong likeness for school, suddenly developed a strong aversion for school.

The actress went on to describe the incident that broke her camel’ s back, saying she is waiting to see how the school will handle the situation on ground. Mercy Johnson has said that her first daughter has been intimidated by a teacher at her school simply because the said teacher dislikes the actress. You can imagine!



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She claims that ever since she started going to her new school, that she has been complaining about a certain school teacher that comes to her class to maltreat her 8- year- old daughter. This is unheard of.

Mercy went further to state that what got her provoked the more was the fact that she went to pick her daughter yesteday, and saw her crying bitterly. When she went to enquire what transpired from the teacher, the teacher made her to know that she can punish Purity anytime she wants, and there is nothing Mercy Johnson can do about it.


Having posted this incident on her social media handle, it generated a lot of reactions from friends and well wishers. Many people are of the opinion that she should take serious action against the teacher now that it is still early.

To you reading this, what of your own opinion. Do you think Mercy Johnson I reacting too serious about it? Or do you think she needs to take further actions against the teacher?

Mercy Johnson And Her Daughter, Purity

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