Nollywood actors says I’m bothered but I’m not afraid (Lesson For Everybody)

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Nollywood actor says i’m making this video, because i am bothered but not afraid.

I got called from a priest in a catholic church somebody who i respected so much, somebody who i own in high esteem,
somebody who has become so big in the catholic faith that on a point, he was considered in one of the arch dioceses.

He told me that, he was in a place where they were discussing about the things i said on social media concerning the government.
He was advising me, i should put it down and i am wondering why i should put it down.

I want to make this video specifically to the government i’m not insulting anybody, and i have not set out insult to anybody i’m a village boy.
To i say and to call i respect constituted authorities.

I’m not afraid, if there is anything that is to be said and people refuse to say that things you can ask question.
I’m the one they will call and i will say that immediately, i’m not afraid of anybody.

Life belongs to God, he takes and he gives and we are actually happy for what is happening in Nigeria, we want to go to that place where nobody can speak.
I told my friend the priest, i have heard him and accept him for bringing such thing to my notice.

He refuse to tell the people where in the meeting, but i want to speak all of you and i’m posting this video after i have made it, and i believe those of you, that are not happy with what i say we still hear the words.

Nigeria is not functioning, in Nigeria we have the men and the women that can make Nigeria to start
function, If you guys are clueless regarding what to do for the system start to work is only nice that they should live corridor of power and allow people that
can change the environment to come, because when the environment is good is good for all of us.

The people that you are not taking care of today, because you want to take care of your children, children yet unborn, you want to save the money that suppose to
be used to fixed this country now you want to save that money because you don’t know what tomorrow hopes, that tomorrow is eventually going to come and you are not
going to like what you are going to see.

The people that you refused to developed they will be your water. We need to understand, there are system how to start to work, let us say no to this endless loot,
if you are not seen the hand writing on the wall you better begin to see it clearly.

Because a very serious evolution is coming in this country all of you looters you lie on the Nigeria police, you lie on the army to always save you, the ware is coming even the police and even army will join, because you looters as not be benevolent even the police officers is the same police we see every day that is begging for 20 Naira and don’t have anything and believe they are happy with you.

A day will always come that you will call the police to come and help you and they will refuse and that day is coming, the same people that you under mind over the years will assist and beat you to zero, do what you have to do, stop organizing useless meetings on how you go suppress people that are telling you the truth, the truth is better.

Let us fix this country and kill all this voices that calling for a lot of things that are not good for this nation, fix Nigeria, fix this country for this country to start work, is something we can do and i’m pleading, because one more time, because all the video that i have made, i have continue to plead i wouldn’t know why anybody so much mad with thing i said i’m pleading with you to make the nation to start work, what is difficult it can’t ask, ask yourself question, if Nigeria become good today, are you not going to benefit.

Think about it and think about it urgently.

Watch video below:

What do you think?

Written by Mc Ebisco

Welcome to Mc Ebisco, I am a blogger and a comedian in Nigeria, My aims and objectives are to share knowledge and varieties of news and information across the globe.

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