S*xy And Fashionable! How Busty Ladies Can Dress Stylishly Like Dorathy Bachor,


Dorathy Bachor is a popular name in the Nigerian entertainment industry, particularly for appearing on the fifth season of the big brother Naija reality show. She is one of the most fashionable ex- housemates of the last season.

Below are four tips on how busty ladies can dress stylishly just like Dorathy who is also busty and endowed.

Corporate outfits: As a busty lady, you can attend a corporate event looking all stunning and classy in a blazer jacket on either a pair of trousers or a sharp skirt. Simply rock underwear that would cover most of your cleavages, and then top it up with your blazer jacket. On the other hand just as you can see in the photo on the right, you can use tape if you do not like the idea of underwear.

Beachwear and outdoor wear: Flaunting your cleavages in swimwear that would not be necessarily show off the most of your cleavage is stunning depending on your choice. On the right photo, you can rock a free off- shoulder wrap gown comfortably. The waistline of the outfit should be fit enough to give you super comfort and fittings.

Suede and sequin gowns: Your designer or stylist should consider making your suede or sequin gowns in a way that would flaunt a part of your cleavages. Hiding them completely under outfits like these would rip off the beauty of your dress. A transparent lace material could be used to achieve this aim.

Closeup gown and casual wear: In this case, you can completely cover up your cleavages and you will appear amazingly stunning in both outfits. With the gown on the left image and the sweater and short combo on the right, stepping out while completely covered up is a go- to idea

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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