Non Of The Best Three Presidential Candidates (Atiku, Obi, Tinubu) Competing Will Make A Good President – Giwa

Non of the best three presidential candidates (Atiku, Obi, Tinubu) competing will make a good president – Giwa

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Non of the best three presidential candidates (Atiku, Obi, Tinubu) competing will make a good president – Giwa

Senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa has disclosed that none among the best three presidential candidates competing for the 2023 administration will make a good president.

According to the popular pastor, the constitution of the country, which is defective, will obstruct any individual who has the intention to perform.

Giwa, who talked on Wednesday, emphasised that all efforts must outfitted towards restructuring the country for proper administration.

“None of the top three candidates can make a good president. They are just going there to get their share from the resources of the common people.

“What Nigeria needs is disintegration. How can you become a president on a military constitution? How do you want to perform? A lot of things are wrong unless we address them.

“I repeat none of them can make a good president. They are just deceiving Nigerians.

“I don’t no what Christians in all the political parties, particularly in APC and PDP are looking, that they allowed the muslims hijack the tickets of the party from them. They should be ashamed of themselves.

“I urged Nigerians to pray very well. We need a Christian and competent president, not a muslim president.

“We should deliberate on how to change the 1999 constitution. Any presidential candidate that fails to sign a paper showing Nigerians that when he becomes the president, he will restructure the country and change the 1999 constitution is not ready to serve the people.”

Giwa added that “Peter Obi should exercise patience. He has a long way to go. He is not a saint. How many lawmakers does Labour Party have in the National Assembly? We should not deceive ourselves. He should just align himself with somebody he thinks is competent to change the 1999 constitution and to restructure the constitution.

“If Nigerians vote a saint without restructuring the country, what we will experience will be a total failure.”

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