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Is It Normal? I’m A 19-Year-Old Lady But Addicted To Dating Married Men, PLEASE HELP

A young woman who seems not to have control over her taste in men has cried out for help. It looks like things are already getting out of hand since she prefers to go after married men.

The 19-year-old girl took to social media to cry out that she finds it difficult to resist married men because of the gifts she receives from them.

The young girl who revealed she’s currently in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend of three years recounted how her attraction to married men began.

According to her, she has been seeking admission since she graduated from school. While at home, she fell in love with her boyfriend and they started dating till he left for school.

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She said she has been loyal to him for two years, till she came in contact with some friends who date married men. She began to feel the pressure to follow suit, and within a short time, a married man approached her and they hooked up.

They broke up afterwards, but since then, she has found it difficult to stay away from married men, due to the gifts she receives from them.

Here’s her story:

If I may ask, what do you think about her addiction? Or do you think, she is just like the other girls out there, who date older men because of their financial security and stability? Well, what do you think she can do to stop dating older and married men?

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