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Northern Groups Tell Buhari To Declare Sunday Igboho, His Associates Terrorists After Shasha Crisis

It appears that Sunday Igboho is been put to blame for the Shasha market crisis that claimed many lives and also led to the destruction of many properties. Before the Shasha crisis, it seem like Oyo state have been sitting on a ticking time bomb which only exploded during the Shasha market crisis. This was following the activities of Sunday Igboho who have championed the mission to liberate the Yoruba people from the shackles of violent Fulani herdsmen as he would say.

Due to the continuous crisis in the state, a video went viral today of Hausa people who packed their belongings and were evacuating the state. Some Nigerians have however called for the arrest of Yoruba activist Sunday Igboho who they claimed engineered the whole violence being witnessed in Oyo state.

Meanwhile, the Northern Youth Council of Nigeria have expressed their displeasure with the current situation of things in the state. They have condemned the attack of northerners in the state and have also made it known that the activities of Sunday Igboho and his associates is not different from the activities of the notorious Boko Haram group in the country.

In the statement released by the chairman of the group and also the spokesperson, Isah Abubakar and Mock Kure, have called on Mr. President to declare Sunday Igboho and his associates a terrorist organization. The group claimed the inability of the government to apprehend Sunday Igboho is what have led to the Shasha crisis in Ibadan.

In their statement the Northern Youths Council of Nigeria also advised northern youths not to make any journey to the southwest for now.


Is what is happening in Oyo state enough to declare Sunday Igboho a terrorist as this group claims?


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