Not Less Than 20 Minute After I Left For Work, This Is What I Meet My Wife Doing With My Best Friend

It is now up to a year after our marriage, when I have been suspecting my wife hanging around with some others man, in which they kiss each other and makes love with themselves.

But this time was my best friend.

My best friend name is Aliko Maikudi the son of the richest business man in Nigeria but you can never no him, because his name is not often mentioned, he his a native of Kano State.

I and Maikudi both went to the same University, we study same course and also finished as an NYSC candidates 2018. We both like each other, to the extent that I won’t eat if I did not see him.

One day, as am about to live for work, I hear my wife on a phone conversation that “he will soon get out of the house”. I was confused, because I did not no what she discussing with the person on phone.

Not less than 20 minute after I left for work, my car develop fault, so I decided to quit the work for that day and go back home. Unfortunately for me getting home, I meet my best friend “Maikudi” and my wife “Mariam” on our matrimonial bed. I collapse, and I was taken to the hospital, when I wake up, I decided to call, and requested for a divorce letter. Which they have start apologizing.

Thanks, I will like readers to advise me on what to do, should I accept their apology or should move on with another wife.

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