Nothing Kills Love Faster Than These 5 Things, Beware Of Them

Love is one of the most beautiful things that can happen to two people. It is a feeling that people hope never dies. However, there are times when this “Love” feeling seems to get complicated. One party might start getting the feeling that the other person isn’t really interested in the relationship like he/she used to be. These signs are very obvious and they mean that the love is dying out gradually.

In this article i will be taking you through four things that kills the love that exist in a relationship.

1 Distance and Lack of communication

Distance has really affected a lot of relationships in the world today. Hardly would you see any relationship that is going through lack of communication without distance being the underlining factor causing it. When partners move apart from themselves probably because of work, they might start to lose the love connection they used to have. One of them might be the one doing most of the calling, and with time, he/she might start losing interest.

2 Lack of Trust

Trust is one thing that really binds a relationship together. However, when lack of trust comes in, there is bound to be an issue in the relationship. If the distrust continues then quarrels start to come up, and when these quarrels are too frequent the love starts to die down. There are lots of relationships that have ended as a result of lack of trust.

3 Selfishness

This is a very big threat to love in a relationship, selfishness is one thing that makes a relationship not work out well. When one partner feels her/she is more busy than the other and doesn’t make out time for the other person, the loves starts to die gradually. Some people only create time for their partner when they are chanced and ready to talk. This is a selfish act that can destroy love. A relationship isn’t supposed to make you feel comfortable always. There are times when you might be busy, but your partner needs a bit of your attention.

4 Extreme Selflessness in a Relationship

This might appear confusing, but it is actually a fact. Being too selfless in a relationship has a very high disadvantage. For example, being the one to beg whenever you both have a fight, always attending to every call, request, want, etc. This can make you look like you are at the mercy of your partner. You need to understand that acting in such a manner can make you appear like you don’t have charge over your life. No one wants to be with a person who doesn’t take charge over the some things that happen in the relationship.

5 Lack of Money:

This is obviously very important in a relationship. Finance is what people mostly use to carry out activities. However, it’s absence means that some things can’t be actualised. Some people get into relationships with people they know are financially comfortable because they don’t need someone who would always depend on them financially. When a relationship is filled with financial request from one person, the other person can get tired. This in turn can start to make the love die.

What are your thoughts on this?

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