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“Nothing Will Separate Us. Any Man Ready For Us Must Take Us Both” Beautiful Twins Reveal

While many people still think this is a joke, Shiru and her twin Sister Shiku have left men stranded after revealing their stand and Conditions for the man who will want to marry any of them. The twins who ails from Githurai 45 have brought internet to a stand still after revealing that they have been close together for a very long time and woul not wish for anything that would separate them. Astonishingly, not even a man would separate them.

During an interview with Mungai Eve, the two beautiful twins confirmed that they have both been having a dream of not being separated by anyone and resolved that they both want to be married to the same man. They also said that they have almost a similar intellect and most of the time when one of them was sick, the other would also be sick.


According to Shiru (one of the twins), they would often be sick whenever one of them went away from the other. Sometimes, when they were taken to separate schools, they would be sick the entire term but we soon as they got home together, they would get well.

Shiru and Shiku are miracle children. According to them, one day they composed a song with similar lyrics yet they were both away from each other during the time of composing the song.

The two ladies are currently read to get into a relationship and get married but they are only waiting for this one man who would accept to marry both of them since they don’t want to be separated. Do you this this is a difficult condition for men?


It is said that matters of love can lead to permanent disagreement between even the closest of friends and siblings. Is getting married to the same man going to solve the twins’ problem?

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