If You Notice These 5 Things During $ex, Run Away From Her




Sex says a lot about the character and history of women. The little things you ignore have messages for you. You might be protecting yourself from trouble if you pay attention.

Below is a list of features that are danger signs if you notice them during sex with a woman:

(1) Fallen breasts:





If a woman’s breasts are not firm or are fallen, it means many men might have been there before you. It could have lost its firmness due to intense pressure from her numerous sexual partners.

Although, there are some very decent women with naturally sleepy breasts.

(2) Wide Vee-Jay:

If you enter there and you realize that end is too loose when it is not that you have a small manhood, my brother, make sure you do investigations. She might be seeing numerous guys.

(3) Picking calls during sex:

If you are sleeping with her and she easily picks a call during the exercise without the caller suspecting foul play, please break up with her very fast. She might be a professional prostitute.

(4) Too good in bed:

Yes, men love sex and men want to enjoy good sex. But good sex also says a lot about the lady. If she is too good at it, it means she has been practising a lot to perfect her skills. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The problem with such ladies is that one day, they will outgrow your performance and then find a new taste.

(5) Doesn’t moan:

Moans could be very sensational and interesting during sex. It has a way of inspiring a man. It confirms to him that he is doing a good job. But if your partner doesn’t moan at all or keeps a straight face, it means there is fire on the mountain. It is either she is not impressed with your efforts or she has seen too much of your type. Such a person must go find satisfaction out there. You might be living on borrowed times.

The list goes on and on. These are just some of the red flags that could be discovered in the other room.

Do you agree with me? You can add to the list in the comments section and let’s discuss extensively.

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