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What Was Noticed On His Last Day In Church

It is very sad to hear of his passing.

It was reported today on his Facebook page that the Nigerian conceived, prophet and healer TB Joshua has died. This stunned numerous individuals in light of the fact that just yesterday he was at chapel, and he looked sound.


Prophet T.B. Joshua is correct now amidst individuals to serve recuperating, liberation and salvation, in Jesus’ name. May you be luxuriously honoured today. So be it.”

Numerous individuals were stunned by his passing since they saw that he looked solid on the previous assistance.

“I had wished to have an experience with you truly shockingly that won’t be conceivable, as you go from this world I accept your hand of redemption is over me and my family, Fly high worker of God”


Great morning and win today this the day that the LORD has made for me and my family LORD Jesus show kindness toward us as you save, favour, convey, recuperate don’t live us behind we need your touch today. Ruler Jesus recall us in your benevolence and your approval, let your kindness and your approval represent us in Jesus name. So be it. “

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