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Now I understand what people are saying about insecurity – Nigerian soldier shares how he was robbed at gun point by one-chance operators


Nigerian soldier, Emmy Benison known for his frequent social media posts about his experience fighting Boko Haram insurgents in the north has shared yet another ordeal he faced recently.

In his Instagram post, Benison wrote, ‘I have never experience one chance until last night.i entered a taxi in front of bori camp barracks PH heading to waterline they were two guys at the back and a lady in front.i usually have doubts for everything but I thought my suspicious was based on the stuffs have been through in the north’.

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Omo, we never go far,gun don point for my head o. I wanted to see if I can disarm the guy pointing the gun at me but then the lady sitting in front brought out a Beretta pistol..I had nothing on me but a dagger.they took my wallet and when they collected my phone and saw my wallpaper, the guy shouted that am a soldier and that was when the girl cocked the pistol and I had no choice but to stab one of the guy.

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I knew she they won’t shoot because it will draw lots of attention for them..(I just had to take the risk and understimate them shooting me)the guy I stabbed lost it and I had to push him and myself out of the door because he was blocking my way.we both fell down on the road and the others ran away leaving their friend behind.they went with my phone and wallet and I was hoping for the other guy to survive but alot of people just stood there looking at us and I was too confuse myself.

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Now I really understand what is happening outside the barracks. I now understand what people are saying about insecurity..i let my guard down cause i thought outside the barrack is the same as inside the barrack.never again!!!!

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