The Number Of Times Husband And Wife Should Meet In A Week! (Opinion)

You would agree with me that if this particular matter of “meeting” is not totally trashed out between married couples, it could lead to a broken home. So as little as this issue seems to be, it must be thoroughly dialogue between married couples in order for them to have a sweet and an enjoyable home.

However, nature is one of the most powerful forces. The way it plays its role in the affairs of men, especially between married couple is unmatched. You would agree with me that as soon as a couple starts showing physical intimacy, there is a full assurance that the love and the bond they share tends to grow stronger.

Intimacy is another factor to look out for between a husband and a wife. All round intimacy between married couples will not only make their marriages/union wax stronger, but it will make them more successful in their endeavours.

Talking about intimacy (being physically intimate with your partner), there is a specific number of times that is appropriate for such ”meetings”. We are all humans and i believe that everything should be done in moderation, that is what makes us different from animals. As per the number of times a married couple should meet, scientists have given an accurate and appropriate number of times which is 54 times a year. Exactly, a husband and wife is expected to meet once a week which is 4 times in a month in order to maintain a very strong bond.

Truth be told, problems start to set in when one of the couple decides not to “meet” with his/her spouse because it gives rise to unfaithfulness, infidelity and promiscuousness. When couples “meet”, it naturally brings contentment to both parties and there will not be any reason for each of them to be promiscuous. Couple should not in any way expect a long-lasting relationship if they do not meet.

“Meeting” is very important in every and any relationship. However, for any couple that has lost the joy of meeting, I would beseech you to try every possible means to bring back that joy, as healthy “meetings” in marriages paves way for open doors and good luck to the married couples.


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