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Oduduwa And Biafra Map Shows How Confused Sunday Igboho And Nnamdi Kanu Are (Opinion)

The alleged Biafra map has been moving around social media for quite some time now, I thought everything is being resolved till I saw another one that was tagged Oduduwa map, it has been on for years, but Sunday Igboho has decided to be the leader of the group.

I’m writing this article with no apology since this two Nigerian born citizen has decided that peace won’t reign in Nigeria, Nigeria is indeed a great country, but it seems like Sunday Igboho and Nnamdi Kanu have decided to share the country into many uncountable parts.

Alleged Biafra map

You are picking the cities you want to dwell in your so-called country, leaving the rest cities for who please? Nnamdi Kanu started this all drama, he brought this whole agitation of separation of the country, he listed some cities and left some places, how is that even possible.

Asif Nnamdi Kanu hasn’t caused enough trouble, Sunday Igbo who the to Yoruba boys nicknamed Yoruba savior has decided to add another headache to the one on the ground by leading the Oduduwa people.

To think about it, these two are reluctantly finding a way to drag Warri city that is located in the delta part of Nigeria, how can two groups be dragging one city? Is that not proof that the two grown men are confused?

Alleged Oduduwa map, flag and currency

I shake my head in pity when I saw the so-called mad of Oduduwa and map of Biafra, y’all are plain confused and the earlier the FG see to this, the better for all of us, they should be apprehended before things get out of hand, this whole agitation can only throw our great nation into a state of conflict.

The government is just too quiet for my liking, assuming something was done when Nnamdi was introducing Biafra, this Oduduwa map wouldn’t be seen because the person who disclosed it, would have thought it wise and remember what happened to his colleague who did the same thing.

Let’s just try and make peace reign in Nigeria, conflicts brings nothing good.


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