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“Oga, Raise Your Hands Well, Na Your Brother Nnamdi Kanu Cause Am” – Gun Taunting Soldier

Ugly Experience

To drive through any police or army roadblocks in Anambra, Imo, Abia you must alight from the vehicle and raise your hands up or you will be whipped. My driver begged me to take over the steering while he trekked but I refused.


Together with other road users we raised our hands up at all the checkpoints as we walked through. A particular soldier screamed at me ” oga, raise your hands well, na your brother Nnamdi Kanu cause am.” And Ogene Igbo obeyed seeing that he has engaged his rifle and pointing it on my head.

Never felt humiliated like this in my life.

So sad a day! When will the madness stop?


– Dr Harris Chuma-Odili, FCMsp (Ogene Igbo)

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