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OH NO! See Photos Of The Nigerian Lady Killed By Her Italian Husband Because She Wanted To Divorce Him


A 31- year- old Nigerian woman with the name Amenze Rita has allegedly been shot dead by her Italian husband in Italy over a divorce issue. Amaze was reportedly killed in front of her colleagues in the parking lot of Mf Mushroom, a company where she worked on Friday morning, September 10, in Noventa Vicentina.

The report has it that the suspect, Pierangelo Pellizzar, a 61- year- old man, laid an ambush for the deceased at about 7: 30 am and shot her four times, killing her instantly. After killing Amenze, he then reportedly escaped. He fled the crime scene and ran away in a grey Cherokee Jeep which was later found abandoned at his brother’ s house.


During the investigation, it was revealed that Rita told him that he wanted to divorce him immediately after she returned from Nigeria where she spent a few weeks. The Italian man allegedly suspected that she must have gotten another man from Nigeria.

Perhaps the Italian man is pained that he helped Rita to secure documents to stay in Italy and she wants to leave him. Rita reportedly came to Italy in 2017 through Libya. She immediately married the Italian which help her to secure a stay and she started to work the following year (2018)


But by early this year when the covid- 19 pandemics was a bit relaxed, Rita traveled to Nigeria and back. Immediately she came back, she requested for divorce from her Italian husband. The husband perhaps senses she wants to use him and dumped him, hence the brutal murder.

However, police are currently on the hunt for the suspect. The police report said the man is said to be armed and dangerous. So they advised people to be careful when approaching him. Hopefully, he will be caught in due time to answer for his alleged crime. See more photos below;

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